Cameras and displays

Go Pro
Go Pro “Naked”

We are using the Go Pro, and a digital CCD Camera.


GoPro Pros: The GoPro is a very versatile camera for FPV use, it can take still pictures or video in many different formats and it can record video or still pictures in HD while transmitting a live video feed.

GoPro Cons: The GoPro does not shoot low light environments very well.

CCD Camera My CCD Camera is a 540TVL PAL camera.

CCD Camera Pros: This camera is excellent in low light conditions (that’s why they use them for security cameras. It is very small and relatively inexpensive.)

CCD Camera Cons: The picture is a little grainy. It is most important to remember in the United States televisions are not compatible with “PAL” you are better off to stick with “NTSC” compatible cameras. If you are in Australia, I’m told your televisions are compatible with NTSC or PAL. Finally Asia uses PAL.


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